State-Federal Collaboration Creates Opportunity

State-federal collaboration creates opportunity

Louisiana Military Benefits from More Than $225 Million in Construction Projects

Major projects underway in Vernon, Bossier and Rapides Parishes

Louisiana Military Benefits from More Than $225 Million in Construction Projects

Military activity remains an important contributor to the Louisiana economy, generating about $9.64 billion in annual economic impact forthe state. In 2022, U.S Department of Defense investments in Louisiana included significant construction projects at Fort Polk in Vernon Parish, Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier Parish and England Airpark in Rapides Parish in support of Louisiana-based military operations.  

Military construction authorizations exceeded $100 million for Fort Polk. These include:

• $61 million for the Joint Operations Center

• $35.3 million for the Information Systems Facility

• $9 million for the Child Development Center.

Over the next five years, Fort Polk is in line for seven military construction projects totaling almost $200 million.   

An additional $125 million was designated in 2022 for construction of the Weapons Generation Facility at Barksdale Air Force Base. WGFs consolidate the weapon maintenance, storage and training functions required to support B-52bomber missions. 

England Airpark at Alexandria received a $2.1 million Defense Community Infrastructure Pilot grant for construction of a new wash rack for Fort Polk’s Joint Readiness Training Center aerial point of debarkation. Used to remove contaminants and prevent corrosion, the facility will ensure safer and more rapid transport of vehicles following training rotations. LED will provide $898,000 in matching funds for the project.